Vows of Pain and Passion ~~ A Highlight


Adaira seized the moment to pounce. “If? If what, Milord? If I submit? If I publicly welcome you into my heart as the rightful Lord of Stanwood?” she spat venomously, hating him more now than ever. “You may have invaded my lands, forced me into marriage and conquered my body in this bed, but you will never be anything more to me than a barbaric thief.”

Renouf’s face darkened with fury sending shivers racing through her, as did the coldness of his voice when he answered. “So be it, Adaira. That was my last peace offering. I will nay force you. Your own body will be thy worst enemy, nay me.” His lips hovered closer. “Ma femme fatale, prove now, if you are able, just how much you hate your barbaric thief of a husband.”

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