Vows of Pain and Passion~~A Battle of the Wills.


Shock over her own foolish wantonness burned a shameful hole in her chest, and Adaira tried to recover by shifting blame to him. “You take far too much for granted, Milord, in assuming I would ever permit such a thing.”

A smile played on Renouf’s lips. She was magnificent when her eyes flashed like that and he could not help but antagonize her further. “Demoiselle, your play at innocence is intriguing, even presents a thrilling challenge. Nonetheless, I already know you would have allowed my kiss, so ’tis no need to prove it. ”

Unrighteous anger fueled Adaira’s response. “Nothing could be further from the truth.”

“Ma petit.” Renouf roared with laughter and waved her off. “Mayhap ’tis wise to retire before I lose what good sense I still possess and decide to prove thee wrong.”

©Leigh Lee 2015

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