The First Baby/Book.


My debut book is being released , 2/21/2015. I was equally excited and nervous.
Becoming a first time author is similar to becoming a new parent. You’ve waited excitedly for the culmination of your new baby/book and planned for its arrival by buying clothes/cover art to dress it up for its introduction to the world. Everyone has happily given you advice as to how a baby/book should be handled/written, but still you fret. Once baby/book is conceived/written, you worry if you will be a successful parent/author. Will you live up to your expectations? Or worse, those of your loved ones. Proudly, you want to show it off to anyone who will take a look/give you feedback, and pray it will grow up to be a successful human being/novel. You cringe when someone does, but then soar when they think your baby/book is fabulous. No one, but another parent/author understands how much you agonized, the pain you bore to bring your baby/book into existence. There were torturous hours/months to bring baby/book into the world. But it all finally pays off when baby/book is born/released to the public. Now you have a book/baby to properly raise/promote and you are scared to death and thrilled at the same time. Was it worth it? Ask any parent/writer. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Addition:  As your Baby/Book grows, it changes. Sometimes the look is so new and different from what it was at first. But on the inside it is the same.

Welcome Vows of Pain and Passion and its new look!


Leigh Lee

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One thought on “The First Baby/Book.

  1. Reblogged this on Winter Bayne and commented:
    Leigh and I are writer friends and we both have our first books releasing this week! I couldn’t have made it with out you and I’ll be leaning on you a lot more in the future.

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