Vow of Pain and Passion – A time for celebration!

Postcard_FrontThe second round edits for Vows of Pain and Passion came and went over the holidays.  Now it is January 2015 and Vows of Pain and Passion is due for release in February 2015.  I am very excited, to say the least. Now that my first book, my baby, is out there, I will be like a nervous mother waiting to see how the world responds to it. Below is the blurb for the book.

She refuses to trust…he refuses to love.

Noble born Adaira Godwin is a determined young woman whose life is all mapped out until she runs into a stone wall—Norman warrior, Renouf de Sinclaire, who has other plans for her. Set in eleventh-century England during the Norman invasion, Vows of Pain & Passion is the story of two headstrong characters, enemies from different lands. Can they overcome hatred, language barriers, religious beliefs, and their own fears, or is their love doomed from the start?

It took me a year to write, six months to find the courage to submit it to a publisher, and another nine months of edits and worry to see it published.  The title, Vows of Pain and Passion, has to be reflective of what I went through to bring it into existence. It was emotional childbirth, with an added element – fear of the unknown. As its creator I am baring my soul with this book. Contained within lie my core beliefs,  my sense of humor, and a world fashioned to bring Renouf and Adaira to life.

I couldn’t end this post without saying how much I appreciate Black Opal Books for believing in me and Vows of Pain and Passion. The staff has made the publishing experience an excellent one for this newbie.

Until later,

Leigh Lee

Celebrate Vows

Links to buy:

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Amazon Australia
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