Writing Fiction


A friend once asked how I came up with ideas for my fiction stories – from where I drew inspiration. Many times a story will find its beginnings within my experiences. Ideas strike at the oddest moments, like when I am driving or listening to a song. Sometimes a conversation will resonate until I am forced to write it down. Other times, a stranger will impress me and somehow I can not forget them. Before I know it, I have a story building from something as simple as a turn of phrase, a news report, or an expression on a face.

My friend then asked how I took these tidbits and wove them into entire stories. I believe good writers of fiction are wonderful fabricators. They can take the smallest iota of truth and embellish it into fantastic tales. Like an abstract painter who sees the world with different eyes, the imaginative writer has the ability to transport the reader beyond the norm, into a realm of fantasy and intrigue. A great one opens portals so the reader can see, taste, and hear life in ways reality won’t allow. I know I still have a lot to learn but I will be delighted when my writing remains with the reader long after they are finished – in a good way…of course!

Thanks for reading.
Leigh Lee


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