Pitched My Book


It has been weeks since I pitched my book at SA. I was delighted when I received requests from 4 different agents all asking to read the manuscript. Still have yet to hear from any of them and should mention that my fingernails have been chewed off and it is a blessing that my toenails are beyond reach.

Are you like me? As soon as I pitched the book, I began rereading it with a new, much more critical eye. When I found mistakes, I was struck with that cold, miserable dread that almost makes your heart stop. Suddenly the book that I thought I had perfected, seemed ridiculous and I was embarrassed.

I am still holding my breath, trying to prepare myself for what I feel is the inevitable. With so many really talented writers out there, how dare I think I could enter their world and get a publishing contract on my first attempt? Things like that rarely happen.

Regardless of the outcome, the experience I gained in the process is invaluable! I have learned how to write a good query letter, have the dreaded synopsis down to two pages, and perfected my pitch to 3 lines. I might have a lot more to do toward making the book worthy of publishing, but having these three accomplishments behind me is a wonderful feeling. It seems the hardest part of this process is not the writing of the book, it is the selling of it to an agent. At least I feel better prepared for that.

In the meantime, I wait…wait…and wait some more while I continue to perfect my writing skill. Hopefully I will soon hear one way or the other from the agents. When I do, I will head out for a much-needed manicure!
Thanks for visiting!
Leigh Lee


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